Common Course Equivalencies for Transfer Students

Knowing how your course credits from institutions you have previously attended will transfer to UNM is an important part of planning your UNM degree. An official course evaluation will be completed once you apply for admission to a degree program. Before then, UNM’s Transfer Equivalency System (TES) can help you determine how your coursework from other institutions may transfer and be used as part of your UNM degree. The following instructions will help you review individual course equivalencies and build a list of your courses and their UNM equivalents:

Transfer Equivalencies

  • Select the “Transfer Equivalencies” link above and look up your school by typing the  name in the search tool at the top of the list, or use the Alphabetical Index to select the first letter of the school’s name, or scroll through the list to find your institution.
  • Once you locate your institution, click on the arrow to the left of the school, this will open  a new page with your college’s most current catalog. If you do not see your desired catalog year, select the “View All” link in the upper right corner to see additional catalogs.
  • Once you have located the correct catalog year, select the arrow to the left of your institution’s name to view a list of course equivalencies already established for that college.
  • Equivalencies are listed alphabetically and then by course number. Select the “View” icon to the left of the course. Some equivalencies have important associated information available by selecting the “Note” icon to the right of the equivalency description.
  • Build a customized list of your course equivalencies (My Equivalency List) by selecting the icon to the far right of each course in the “My List Add” column. Your selections will be displayed in a separate browser window. You can print or email your list from your My Equivalency List browser window.
  • Need help? Select the “Questions? Send us an email” icon in the lower left corner of the original TES browser window.