LOBO Trax Audit

LOBO Trax Degree Audit

The LOBO Trax Degree Audit tool will help you find the most efficient path to your degree. Once you have been admitted to UNM, credit earned at previous institutions will be articulated to your record. LOBO Trax will show you how that credit has been applied to your chosen degree, course requirements that have been fulfilled, and any additional courses and requirements you must complete to earn your degree at UNM. You can also use LOBO Trax to explore “what-if” scenarios if you are considering changing your major and keep track of your progress as you complete courses at UNM.

How to Use LOBO Trax Degree Audit

  1. Log into myUNM using your UNM NetID and Password and select the “Student Life” tab
  2. Select “LoboWeb”, then the “Student & Financial Aid Menu”.
  3. Select “Registration & Records” and then “Submit or View LOBO Trax Degree Audits” from the menu.
  4. Select “Latest (All)” and “List all Requirements”
  5. Select “Run Analysis” and then “View Submitted Audits” after a few minutes.
  6. Or try step-by-step instructions with images.

Be sure to meet with your academic advisor before registration each semester