The University participates in the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) administered by the College Board. The University of New Mexico grants credit to newly admitted and regularly enrolled (in undergraduate degree status) students who achieve passing scores on the CLEP exams listed below, as approved by the appropriate University of New Mexico academic departments. For all of these CLEP Examinations, the total semester hours to be accepted towards a student's degree is at the discretion of the pertinent degree-granting college. Therefore, students should contact their college advisors for specific information. No credit is granted for Subject Exams not listed. Students should be aware the CLEP Examinations are intended for people with clear strengths in an area.

IMPORTANT:There is a 6-month waiting period before repeating a test.

CLEP Subject and General Examinations

Students wishing to take one or more CLEP examinations may contact the UNM Testing Center:

In some cases, the University of New Mexico requires original transcripts of test results sent from CLEP, Box 1821, Princeton, NJ 08543. Non-specific credit for these examinations appearing on transcripts from other colleges will not suffice.

CLEP General Examinations

The University grants credit for qualifying scores on the CLEP General Exams provided the student takes the exam before earning 26 semester hours of acceptable college credit. General credit hours are allowed as follows:

CLEP Exam Score Equivalents and Credits are subject to change
CLEP General Exam TypeMinimum ScoreUNM Course EquivalentUNM Credit
College Composition Modular50English General Elective6
College Composition50Engl 110 & General English Elective6
English Composition50Engl 1106
History50History General Elective6
Humanities50Humanities General Elective6
Math *Equivalency for exams taken Spring 2021 forward*57Math General Elective6
College Algebra59Math 1213
Trigonometry65Math 1233
Natural Sciences50Natural Science General Elective6
Social Sciences & History50History and Social Science General Elective6
Analyzing & Interpreting Literature50Engl 1503
French Language52Fren 101 & 1026 Total (3 each)
French Language48Fren 1013
German Language63Grmn 101 & 1026 Total (3 each)
Spanish Language57Span 101, 102, 201 & 20212 Total (3 each)
Spanish Language50Span 101 & 1026 Total (3 each)
Spanish Language45Span 1013
American Government65Pols 2003
History of the US I: Early Colonization to 187755Hist 1613
History of the US II: Early Colonization 1865 to the Present55Hist 1623
Human Growth & Development63Psy 2203
Principles of Macroeconomics54Econ 1053
Principles of Microeconomics54Econ 1063
Intro to Psychology56Psy 1053
Intro to Sociology59Soc 1013
Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to 164855Hist 1013
Western Civilization II: 1648 to the Present55Hist 1023
Biology50Biol 1103
Calculus70Math 1624
Principles of Accounting54Mgmt 2023
Management54Mgmt 1133
Marketing50Engl 1106
Chemistry63Chem 121, 123L, 122, 124L8