Admission Requirements

  1. Curriculum – You should have a) graduated (or be projected to graduate) from high school with the standard New Mexico high school curriculum, or the equivalent in another state, and b) two sequential units of a language other than English or proficiency to the second level. Students without a standard curriculum will be reviewed on an individual basis.
  2. Grade Point Average - A cumulative grade point average is considered as a component of the admission decision.

Additional Helpful Information

Standardized Test Scores – Standardized scores (ACT, SAT or CLT) are not required to be considered for admission but may be helpful in some cases. If you choose to provide scores they should be sent from the testing service, however scores reported on the high school transcript will be accepted. No preference is given to either score type and the Writing sub-section of the SAT is not needed/considered. You may take the tests as often as you wish. The highest of your available ACT Composite scores, or the highest SAT Total scores (Critical Reading and Mathematics sub-scores), are used when necessary.

Applicants with Dual Credit - Applicants who have earned college credit while in high school (regardless of the amount of credit) should apply for admission as freshmen. Applications will be reviewed using freshmen admission criteria. Having your application reviewed for admission as a freshman retains our ability to consider you for freshmen scholarships. Be sure to send your college transcript along with your high school transcript when you apply for admission, and again after you graduate from high school in order to finalize your admission.

Home-School & Non-Accredited Schools - Students from a home-school background or who have attended a non-accredited high school (minimum age of 16) are welcome at UNM and will be considered for admission using an official transcript. Official ACT, SAT or CLT scores also may be helpful. Although not required, students from a home-school or non-accredited school background are encouraged to submit GED or NM HiSET scores.

Non-Traditional Students - If you did not graduate from high school, we encourage you to take the GED and either the ACT or SAT. Official GED and standardized test scores will be used to consider your application for admission.

Send Final Transcripts - If you were provisionally admitted to UNM pending final credentials, please have your final transcripts or other necessary credentials mailed to the Admissions Office as soon as you finish: Office of Admissions, PO Box 4895, Albuquerque, NM 87196-4895. Transcripts must be in a sealed envelope from the issuing college / school, or transmitted through an accepted provider.