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Future Students



Students who have never attended college or are graduating high school with college credits earned through a dual enrollment program.



Students with college credits earned after graduating from high school.



Students who have earned an undergraduate degree and are looking to continue their education beyond the baccalaureate.

International Students

International Students

Global Education Office (GEO) facilitates international linkages, cultural exchange, and the development of international expertise at UNM.

Dual Credit

Dual Credit

Dual Credit/Concurrent Enrollment is a program designed to provide high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to earn college credit while still enrolled in high school.



The Non-Degree credit program allows individuals to earn academic credit without being formally admitted in a degree-seeking status..

Branch Transition

Branch Transition

Students attending UNM's Branch Campuses are encouraged to pursue their undergraduate and graduate degrees by continuing their education.


Readmission Returning

If you were previously enrolled as an undergraduate at UNM and are looking to finishing your degree.


Gateway Program

The UNM Gateway program is designed for beginning freshmen applicants from New Mexico who do not immediately meet freshman admission requirements..