The Non-Degree credit program allows individuals to earn academic credit without being formally admitted in a degree-seeking status. This program accommodates non-traditional students who wish to begin taking academic courses at the University without taking college entrance exams; those who missed the degree status deadline; and those who wish to take academic courses to prepare for graduate studies, career changes, or for professional and/or personal development.

Please Note: Students in non-degree status are not eligible to receive financial aid.

Admission Requirements - To be eligible to enroll in Non-Degree status, a student must be at least 21 years old; or be a graduate of an accredited high school (or equivalent) and have been out of high school at least one year. No transcripts or previous high school or college work is required for admission to Non-Degree status, however, a transcript may be required to determine fulfillment of prerequisite course work.

You may not enroll in a Non-Degree status if one of the following applies:

  1. You are currently under suspension from UNM or any other institution;
  2. You have exhausted your eligibility in University College and are not academically eligible to enter a degree-granting college at UNM;
  3. You were previously an undergraduate student at UNM and have not completed an associate's or bachelor's degree;
  4. You are in the United States on a student visa; or
  5. You have been refused admission to undergraduate degree status.

Important Information for Non-Degree Students - Credits earned in Non-Degree status are recorded on a UNM permanent record and may be applied to an undergraduate plan of student if the courses meet specific degree requirements. Non-Degree students applying for undergraduate degree status must follow admission procedures and provide all items/credentials necessary. There is a 30 credit hour limit in Non-Degree status if you do not have a baccalaureate degree. There is no limit for students with a baccalaureate degree. Undergraduate colleges at UNM will not accept in a degree program more than 30 UNM hours earned while in Non-Degree status, nor is a college obligated to accept any hours that do not fulfill college degree requirements. Non-Degree students without a baccalaureate degree may not enroll in 500-600 level courses. In some cases graduate credit course work earned while in Non-Degree may apply to a graduate degree – contact the specific department for details.

Teacher Licensure - Students with baccalaureate degrees who wish to complete a professional program that leads to eligibility for initial licensure as a teacher should submit a regular application for graduate admission to the College of Education and Human Sciences. This application should be initiated and completed as early as possible. The process for admission and selection to UNM’s professional programs is competitive.

Teachers who are already licensed may take course work to add to the completion of some teaching field endorsements while enrolled in non-degree status. Such teachers, however, must seek advisement from the College of Education and Human Sciences Advisement Center. Contacts for information and advisement are listed in the College of Education and Human Sciences section of this catalog under the headings of Undergraduate Study and Endorsements for Initial Teacher Preparation Programs Including Undergraduate, Post-Baccalaureate and Graduate with licensure.

Certain professional endorsements (e.g., bilingual education, ESL, special education and educational leadership) require or highly recommend application to graduate study in a degree program. Non-degree student with questions related to teacher licensure and preparation should contact the College of Education and Human Sciences Academic Advising Center (505) 277-3190.